Custom Ski Boot Fitting in Park City

Our Expert boot fitters have the high level training and years of experience to provide custom boot fits that will improve your comfort and performance out on the snow.

Photo: Peter Quayle

Why Do You Need A Custom Fit?

Have you ever seen someone who comes to a steep section and says, “Wait a minute, I have to buckle my boots tighter for this section.”? That’s because their boots don’t fit well so they are trying to keep their foot from sliding around in the boot so they have more control over their skis. The problem is, they are reducing circulation making the muscles less effective, and they are flattening their foot which means they can’t ski as strongly. Proper fitting ski boots are crucial for skiing comfort and performance.

In addition to simply feeling more comfortable, ski boots that fit just right also permit good blood circulation to keep toes warm and happy so you can stay out longer and have more fun.

Perhaps even more importantly, custom fitted boots give the skier more control and make skis extra responsive by eliminating wobbles to allow powerful transfer of the skier’s energy to the ski. To provide you with all these benefits, Jans expert boot fitters, who are the best in the business, offer a custom fit for every boot we sell in store.

The Jans Custom Boot Fit

We start by learning about your skill level and the types of terrain you like to ski. Next, we measure and analyze the key features of your foot so that we can find you the ski boot design that is the best suited for your particular anatomy and skiing style. Because almost all of us have feet that are slightly different in size from each other, we adjust the boots individually according to your needs, which may include tweaks to heel pockets, toe boxes, and ankle and instep areas.

To perfect the fit, we recommend custom insoles to enhance the overall comfort, fit, and performance of your ski boots. Custom insoles are heat molded exactly to the sole of your foot. That means there’s support exactly where your arch starts and stops, at the ball of your foot, and under your toes. That support cradles your foot so it doesn’t slide around as your skis go over bumps and as you edge on the steep stuff. Since your toe and foot muscles aren’t trying to grab for grip, there’s less fatigue in your feet and legs. The support provided by our custom formed insoles also means better circulation so your feet stay warmer and you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding a lot more.